Visage is a web interface for viewing collectd statistics.

It also provides a JSON interface onto collectd's RRDs, giving you an easy way to mash up the data.


First, some dependencies…

apt-get install -y build-essential librrd-ruby ruby ruby-dev rubygems collectd
yum install -y ruby-RRDtool ruby rubygems collectd

Hey wait a sec! I use CentOS/RHEL!

Then install Visage:

gem install visage-app

Now, to start Visage:

visage-app start

That didn't work? Try this.

$(dirname $(dirname $(gem which visage-app)))/bin/visage-app start


Having problems? Report a bug.

Wanna help out? Download the source.

Visage is built with Highcharts, MooTools, & Sinatra.

Visage is MIT Licensed, and bundles Highcharts under the GPL with Torstein H√łnsi's permission.